Amsterdam News Staff

As the aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown continues, it appears federal charges will not be filed against the police officer who killed the 18-year-old, unarmed Black male in 2014.

An FBI investigation cites a lack of evidence to file civil rights violation charges against Darren Wilson, the white police officer who shot Brown. However, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has the final say on whether charges will be filed. Holder could announce his decision in the spring, before he leaves office.

A grand jury failed to indict Wilson in November 2014 over the shooting. Soon after, Holder promised a thorough investigation on whether federal charges should be brought against Wilson.

“The department will continue to work with law enforcement, civil rights, faith and community leaders across the country to foster effective relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve and to improve fairness in the criminal justice system overall,” Holder said in November. “In addition, the department continues to investigate allegations of unconstitutional policing patterns or practices by the Ferguson Police Department.”

Speaking about the lack of federal charges, Brown’s family attorney, Benjamin Crump, said, “The family of Michael Brown Jr. will wait for official word from the Justice Department regarding whether or not any charges will be filed against the police officer who shot and killed him.”

Wilson resigned from his position as a police officer.

Brown’s shooting has given rise to an alternative method of shooting suspected criminals, according to reports. Officers in the Ferguson Police Department are testing a new law enforcement tool to aid in the prevention of police-shooting deaths.

The tool, called “the alternative,” shoots a ping-pong-ball sized projectile at a person, knocking down but not killing the person, the Washington Post reports. The device attaches to the barrel of a gun. Five officers are training with the device. If successful, it will be given to all 55 officers in the Ferguson Police Department.