Fashion & Beauty Editor

At Lacoste’s spring-summer 2015 show, there’s a look of nonchalance. With this collection, you can wear the clothes every which way. The name of the Lacoste dress game is mix and match.

Their sporty, nautical line consists of dresses, jackets, tops, shorts, long skinny pants and footwear. Designer Felipe Oliveira Baptiste, from Portugal, shows styles that go from one extreme to another, but they work together. He’s extremely talented at fusing looks for the wearer. Some looks are voluminous while other styles are fitted. Often, garments are enhanced with clever fasteners that tie up a dress or the back of a sailor top.

Jackets are wrapped at the waist and on the shoulder.

Silhouettes are all about contrasting coordinates. You can co-mingle a close-fitted style with an oversized piece. This look identifies the designer’s concept for your wardrobe. It’s the easiest way to dress today: blend. Mix technical pieces such as parkers and blouson jackets with welded zig-zag seams. For more nautical news, there are essentials such as blazers and fisherman smocks in structured cuts and supple asymmetrical constructions. Other combinations include subtly washed out natural fabrics, mesh, ripstop nylon and technical, double-faced fabrics. The color blocks and prints, such as zoomed-in nautical parts, play with coordinates that show off abstract patterns. This all works and adds so much fun to dressing. Models also floated fashionably down the runway in shiny, soft, see-through, sail-like yokes. The designer’s smartly styled looks were accessorized with adjustable straps, suspenders and belts and Lacoste codes.

For color, opposites attract. You will see where blue, white, red and yellow establish the nautical mergers. These colors often seem to look washed out by the sea. Other hues used were white, lilac, orange, pale mint and deep purple. Favorite fabrics included light cotton, veil, subtle tie-dye, denim, micro gingham, caviar pique, technical double-faced canvases and nautical stripes.

Featured accessories included the new Chantaco bag in leather. For men, the backpack is back. Footwear offers the leather sandal in both a flat and wide high heel, along with other casual deck-to-boardwalk styles. Aviator sunglasses are a smart choice, too.