A group of young girls and their two mentors in California have created their own special Girl Scout troop, in which they come together and participate in Black Lives Matter protests.

Calling themselves the Radical Brownies, the troop was created by Marilyn Hollinquest and Anayvette Martinez. The idea came after Martinez’s daughter said she wanted to join a girl group, and the two thought it would be a great opportunity to teach girls important lessons.

“How amazing would it be to have a girls’ troop that was really focused around social justice and where girls could even earn badges?” Martinez told KPIX-TV in an interview.

Radical Brownies is loosely based on the Black Panthers, the revolutionary group formed to protect African-American citizens from police brutality during the 1960s and 1970s. Radical Brownies even pays homage to the Black Panthers by wearing black and brown on their berets.

“I think it’s very appropriate,” Hollinquest told KPIX-TV. “A lot of the work the Black Panthers did was community oriented.”

The girls still participate in traditional Girl Scout activities, such as playing games and earning merit badges. Just last month, the girls received a Black Lives Matter merit badge with a “Black Power” fist on it for participating in a Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in Oakland.

Since the troop began, concern has been expressed about whether the premise behind the troop is appropriate for young children. But Martinez and Hollinquest feel otherwise.

“We feel like these are conversations that they’re not too young to be having.” said Martinez.

Hollinquest echoes this opinion, saying, “Kids already know the difference between fairness and unfairness, so we take that understanding at an age-appropriate level.”

The duo is hoping that they can expand Radical Brownies to other locations and start other troops.