One more week, one more campaign by teachers’ unions against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s policies.

A new advertising campaign by the New York State United Teachers union fires verbal shots at Cuomo’s plan for education reform, labeling his suggestions a “gimmick.” The commercial, appearing only upstate and featuring Merrick, N.Y.-based teacher Daphna Arm, accuses the governor of not supporting teachers and offering up “failed gimmicks instead of fairly funding our public schools.”

“Governor,” Arm says in the commercial, “tough talk isn’t the answer. Come and visit my classroom to learn what all kids need to get a great education.”

Under Cuomo’s proposed plan, the evaluation system for teachers in New York would make student test performance count for 50 percent of the evaluation, with classroom observation used for the remaining 50 percent.

But that’s not all. Cuomo wants to allow an outside organization or school district to take over a school if it receives three straight years worth of failing scores, and he wants to increase the cap on charter schools in New York to 560.

Karen Magee, of NYSUT, took to WAMC Northeast Public Radio last week to further decry the governor’s education plan.

“He doesn’t respect teachers or public education,” said Magee. “He doesn’t understand the stress placed on students by high-stakes tests, nor does he seem to have any use for parents’ voices or the democratic way that communities build their local school budgets.”

Magee continued “In carrying the education agenda of billionaire hedge managers, our governor is increasingly out of touch. He refuses to see how chronic funding shortfalls and devastating inequity in how education dollars are distributed have worsened the effects of poverty in schools.”

The governor’s plan also has New York City teachers angry. A caucus of United Federation of Teachers members, calling themselves the Movement of Rank and File Educators, said that public education is in danger and even labeled Cuomo “anti-public education.” In an emailed statement, the group also asked Cuomo to visit their schools and speak with the children, parents and teachers about the issues that matter to them the most. They also talked about what they feel is an overemphasis on standardized testing.

“Unfortunately, our UFT leadership does not feel the same,” read the statement. “Our caucus, the Movement of Rank and File Educators, raised the ‘I Refuse’ resolution at the February 11 UFT Delegate Assembly. It calls for union opposition to standardized high stakes testing that is currently pushed by the federal and state governments, because this testing is not being used to further instruction for children, to help children or to support the educational needs of children. The UFT leadership voted against this resolution.”

The statement concluded, “Our working conditions are students’ learning conditions!”

Cuomo has also called for elimination of standardized testing for children in kindergarten through second grade and announced that he’ll take “corrective” action to make sure the Common Core standards are properly implemented in state schools.