Reports indicate the corrections officers involved in a lawsuit filed by a Black man fatally shot by police in December want the suit against them dismissed.

At the time of his killing, Jerame Reid was alleging that he had been brutally assaulted by corrections officers in the Cumberland County jail and had filed a $100,000 lawsuit. The jail warden and three corrections officers were named in the suit.

The warden and the corrections officers say the case should be dismissed because Reid’s accusations are not true. Reid claimed he was punched, kicked and pepper sprayed and had a bucket of cold water poured on him while he was in a jail cell. He suffered broken ribs, a fractured left orbital bone and nerve damage to his face.

Reid was fatally shot by officer Braheme Days in Bridgeton, N.J. Days claimed he saw a gun in the glove compartment of the vehicle in which Reid was riding. The incident was captured by the officer’s dashboard camera.