The strongest rebuke of Rudolph Guiliani’s coded attacks on President Barack Obama’s loyalty to America took place Sunday in Chicago during the annual Saviours’ Day speech by Minister Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam. It was a webcast speech seen nationwide in more than 190 cities and in Canada, the Caribbean, West Africa England and France.

In his address, “The Intensifying, Universal Cry for Justice,” the Muslim leader became the only national voice standing up for Obama in the absence of strong defenses by Black, or white, Democrats of national, state or local stature. His rebuke of Guiliani came as he was explaining how European nations have grown rich off their former colonies in Africa, and how their refusal to give justice to the poor, while depriving nations of independence, was fueling worldwide terrorism.

Farrakhan said to the former mayor, “You grew up on the sweat and blood of Black men and women who made America before your fathers got here. All of you Europeans, you recent immigrants that have found a home in America and you are so happy. But you’re walking on our blood. Our blood soaks the soil of America. We picked the cotton ‘till our fingers were cut up and bruised. We bailed the cotton and you sold it all over the world, and you got rich and we got nothing.”

Farrakhan said that Obama’s Black experience provided an understanding most whites don’t have. “He understood the error America made in its foreign policies that robbed nations of their wealth. When he came into office, he had a desire to help America by admitting that America did something wrong. But the moment he said, ‘We did something wrong,’ Guiliani said Obama was talking down on America. Well, you should come see me, because I’m not a president and not running from you or none like you. America has been wrong like two left feet.”

Farrakhan spoke on the murder of the three young Muslims in North Carolina. He referred to the shooter as a “wolf.” The first time the wolf came to their door, he showed them his gun, he stated.

“The wolf showed them his teeth,” he said. “That’s the time to knock those teeth out of his mouth. The wolf shows you his teeth, you better not be afraid to show him your teeth. They love life, like we love death.”

Farrakhan’s theme, the denial of justice throughout the world, led him to speak on the fear that mothers have for their sons’ safety and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s dilemma as the father of a Black son.

“Mayor de Blasio is a white man married to a Black woman,” he explained. “Ask them in the Police Department who are coming down on him, what their wives look like. Mayor de Blasio’s wife is not a mulatto. So when he married her, he had to come into the Black experience. He’s different from the rest of you white people. He gave her and she gave him a not-white son. Look at that boy. You see his afro. Now de Blasio’s got to protect him from his own people who hate Black. So when he became mayor, he didn’t hate the police. But he had to teach his son how to guard against that kind of policeman who would kill him.”

Farrakhan’s speech wove scripture with current events. He said it is contemporary truth fortified by scriptural prophecy. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” gives you the understanding of why the ruling nations are terrified by what they see coming, he explained. “Jesus said you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind. We are in the day of Judgement, the day of battle.”

He concluded, “As Malcolm said, ‘The chickens are coming home to roost.’” He received a standing ovation.