The stirring performance of “Glory,” the anthem-like song from “Selma,” by composers John Legend (John Stephens) and Common (Lonnie Lynn) forecast accurately that the work would receive the Oscar for Best Original Song.

The audience was lifted and stood applauding, with several people, including David Oyelowo (who portrayed Dr. Martin Luther King in the film), unable to hold back their tears.

For Black Americans, many of whom were outraged that the film was only nominated in the Best Picture and Best Original Song categories, could at least cheer this victory in an evening that began with the moderator greeting the audience by saying, “Welcome to Hollywood’s best and whitest … sorry, brightest,” indicating the absence of diversity at the annual showcase.

Rather than expending time discussing a number of racially sensitive remarks during the show, we choose to accentuate the positive and present a short version of “Glory,” particularly because many may not have understood Common’s rap.