You should know that the immigrant community was insulted and disrespected by actor Sean Penn during Sunday night’s Oscars presentation.

You should also know that during the Oscars, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu provided several magnificent moments of pride for Mexicans and for the entire international Hispanic community. The movie “Birdman” was directed by Inarritu, winning Oscars for directing, screenplay and cinematography. During one of his gracious acceptance speeches, specifically for Best Director, the proud Mexican made a public plea for Americans to treat immigrants with respect.

As American actor Sean Penn stood before the world to open the envelope for Best Movie, he took a long pause then, directing his comments toward Inarritu, said, “Who gave this son of a bitch his green card?”

You should know Penn is one of the biggest liberals in Hollywood, and it has to be said that his racist remark was a huge dishonor to someone who had just requested respect for all. Penn’s comment also implied that there is something illegal about Inarritu’s success here in the United States.

While I won’t deny all of the glory Penn should receive for his humanitarian aid, that does not excuse his racist comment. If those same remarks were made by any conservative American, all hell would break loose. The double standard that exists in our society allows liberals to make racist jokes.

Where is the outrage about Penn’s disgraceful and disgusting joke? Where are all of the groups that claim to be out there fighting for equality? Where are their voices? Where are the editorial boards and pundits, and why aren’t they holding Penn’s feet to the fire? I can’t imagine any conservative making any comment like that and getting a pass.

My dear reader, much has been said about the Oscars nominations where only Caucasian actors were nominated. Despite that, a great moment of hope shined through and celebrated the talents of Inarritu.

Ladies and gentlemen, I join with the Mexican community and with all Hispanics to celebrate and treasure the memory of Sunday night’s Oscars award ceremony, but I also join everyone who opposes racism as I wait for a very public apology from Penn.

This is state Sen. the Rev. Ruben Diaz, and this is what you should know.