Bevan Springer (26544)

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (March 5)—Students with learning disabilities in Trinidad recently received a helping hand from the Caribbean Media Exchange when the U.S.-based nonprofit organization donated sporting equipment to Eshe’s Learning Centre in Woodbrook.

Basketballs, soccer balls and other sporting equipment were gratefully received by Kitts Cadette, principal of the alternative school for children with learning disabilities, developmental delays and mild cognitive limitations. “We welcome it, we welcome it!” exclaimed the elated educator. “Usually we have to write letters and solicit help, so we are really, really very grateful that they selected us.”

Dr. Elsa Lynch (125477)

At Eshe’s, students receive positive reinforcement and are recognized for a range of learning strengths and challenges, and are encouraged to learn at their own pace. The school provides appropriate interventions and experiences to foster learners’ self-esteem and ensure their academic success. Additionally, planning and differentiated instruction within groups and professional development for teachers form the bedrock upon which the school’s educational philosophy is grounded.

“We are convinced that our classrooms must be 21st century learning environments, and to do that, we must have the technology at their disposal,” noted Cadette, who welcomed future contributions of laptops or tablets for the children.

As a youngster, Eshe’s founder, Dr. Elsa Lynch, would run away from school on Fridays because she knew there would be a spelling test on which she would do poorly. Later, in North America, she was diagnosed with dyslexia. The acknowledgement and understanding of her reading disorder opened up a new world for her. After completing her tertiary education, Lynch returned to Trinidad to fulfill her dream of establishing a school where children like her would have a place to belong and to succeed.

Local Trinidadian journalists Kristy Ramnarine and Lorraine Waldropt helped facilitate the contribution, and Sports Authority assisted with the donation.