This week in Miami, Fla., approximately 150 Black women came together to share, learn, inspire and collaborate.The brainchild of Debra Lee and sponsored by BET, this is the sixth annual gathering of Leading Women Defined.

As the hundred-plus women began to assemble for the first event of this awesome gathering, there were hugs and handshakes, discussions that started last year continued and the seeing of old friends who we just never have the time to really say more than “hi” to. By the time the first evening came to a close, every woman seemed to feel that the burden each of them carried was 10 pounds lighter, just because they knew that their sisters were there to lighten the load.

The power of women is incredible. But when you bring together 150 Black women, it is a force of nature. What Leading Women Defined is able to do in just a few short days is so much more than a conference; it is a time when women of color share, bond, grow and reenergize. Too often, women, particularly women of color, do not take this kind of time to decompress. Sharing with other women their trials and tribulations, their hopes, their dreams and accomplishments is a luxury for most. There is always the urgency of something else around the corner that must be done now.

So as we decompress without losing our composure, we also take on the issues of the world. A panel on “Women and Power in Africa” plans to discuss how women are taking the lead in business and politics. Futurist Dr. Claire A. Nelson and Rosalind Hudnell, from Intel, will present on what the world will look like in 2030 and how the face of technology is changing. Another highlight of the meeting will be a conversation with Valerie Jarrett, followed by how we as women can help mentor the next generation of young women leaders.

Although some of this week is fun, the connections, experience and next steps that come from the gathering are serious business. Many leave here with new business opportunities, new partnerships and, most of all, new ideas and inspirations, as well as a renewed appreciation for our camaraderie.

But one thing is certain: With all of this business, a temporary respite is needed, an escape so we can be effective mothers, leaders, partners and friends. In short, we must have the time to recharge, re-energize, reinvigorate and have the freedom to imagine what lies ahead.

Women hold up half the sky, and when they stand together, the possibilities are endless.