(Top) Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) chef Howard Dixon is left without a job, OU recruit Jean Delance pulls out of his commitment to the school, SAE "house mother" Beauton Gilbow uses the n-word in new video. SAE members expelled from OU. (126224)

As the fallout over a video of white fraternity members shouting racist chants continues, reports indicate another video of the organization engaging in racist behavior has surfaced.

The new video, that made its way to the internet on Tuesday, shows University of Oklahoma’s (OU) chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) “house mother,” 78-year-old Beauton Gilbow, saying the n-word. The video was allegedly taped by fraternity members in 2013.

The nine-second video shows Gilbow rapping and saying the n-word in the lyrics. She served as “house mother” for the last 14 years and now has no place to live since OU ordered the house close and members leave campus.


YouTube video

Another person who has become jobless is the fraternity’s Black chef, Howard Dixon. A former member of the SAE, who was not in the video, has help raised over $45,000 through an Indiegogo fundraiser to help Dixon. He worked in the fraternity house for 15 years.

So far, two students from SAE have been expelled over the video that was put on Twitter on Sunday. A young woman also seen in the video who is allegedly a member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority is also being investigated for her involvement.

Along with negative press, the incident has cost OU one of its top football recruits. Black OU recruit Jean Delance from Mesquite, Texas withdrew his commitment to play for the Sooners after learning about the racial incident in the media.

Lance is on ESPN’s Junior 300 list among the nation’s top high school football players with colleges across the nation looking to recruit him. In one interview he said with all of the injustices going on in the nation towards Blacks, he didn’t feel right going to OU.

“Very uneducated people. I wouldn’t want my son or child to go there or to anywhere like that,” Delance said in one report. “It was just very disturbing to me. I didn’t like it.”