“We at Macy’s are pleased to inaugurate an advertising program in the Amsterdam News and to have the opportunity of talking to readers through its pages.”

This statement from former President David L. Yunich of Macy’s New York filled the pages of the Amsterdam News 50 years ago. When speaking of their new partnership with the paper, Yunich stated, “Macy’s Herald Square, the World’s Largest Store, has been an integral part of New York for over 106 years … not only as merchants but as members of the community. We are also aware of the role of the Amsterdam News has played in the city’s life the past 55 years as one of the country’s largest weekly newspapers.”

This sentiment is echoed today by Ed Goldberg, senior vice president of public affairs at Macy’s, when he said, “There is no question that 50 years ago and today, it is still important to reach out to our customers … we recognize the importance of the Amsterdam News in the community.

“We have a great deal of respect for the organization,” Goldberg continued, adding that it was an “easy choice” when first deciding upon the advertising agreement because of the continued integrity of the Amsterdam News. Customer relations remains of strong importance to the Macy’s corporation, and advertising through the Amsterdam News is another way of connecting to all of their customers. He concluded by stating, “Macy’s is very proud of our affiliation between the Amsterdam News and our company.”

We here at the Amsterdam News thank Macy’s for their involvement in the paper’s long and rich history, and we look forward to our continued relationship in the future.