Walk quietly and carry a healthy appetite when entering Fairway and be on the lookout for bread, Dave’s Killer Bread (@KillerBread), that is. The No. 1-selling organic bread in the country is now available exclusively in the tristate area at Fairway.

Portland’s famous bread is making toast of its competitors with taste, texture and powerful nutrition. Each loaf is packed with seeds, a quarter cup inside and hand dressed on the outside, loading it with whole grains, omega-3s, fiber and five grams of protein per slice.

I got a chance to try two of the five that will be carried at Fairway, 21 Whole Grains and Seeds and Good Seed. I loved the ample-sized loaves. The bread is perfect for everything from toast to a protein-dense sandwich, with or without meat. My favorite was Good Seed for the hearty texture and slightly sweet taste.

Additionally, Dave’s Killer Bread bakes for a cause, that is, second chances. One-third of the company’s 300 employees have criminal backgrounds. To inspire other businesses to follow suit, the company is launching the Second Chance Project with the goal of reducing recidivism and contributing to the health and strength of society.

Visit www.daveskillerbread.com for more information.