After much time wasting, sanity prevailed and a partial shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security was averted, thanks in part to 75 brave Republicans. It is not often that credit is given to those GOP lawmakers with rationality and reason, but after constantly lumping them too often as “Republican bad apples,” it’s important in this column to let readers know of the more than six dozen who stood tall and let sanity prevail March 3 with a House vote of 257-167.

Below is the full list of House Republicans who voted for a DHS spending bill without any of the immigration-related concessions that many in their own party had demanded for months. These men and women deserve an applause and to be recognized here individually, so here goes:

  1. Daniel Joseph “Dan” Benishek

  2. Mike Bishop

  3. John Boehner

  4. Mike Bost

  5. Mo Brooks

  6. Vernon G. “Vern” Buchanan

  7. Kenneth Stanton “Ken” Calvert

  8. John Carter

  9. Michael “Mike” Coffman

  10. Thomas Jeffery “Tom” Cole

  11. Christopher Carl “Chris” Collins

  12. Barbara Comstock

  13. Ryan Costello

  14. Carlos Curbelo

  15. Rodney Lee Davis

  16. Jeffrey John “Jeff” Denham

  17. Charles W. “Charlie” Dent

  18. Mario Rafael Díaz-Balart Caballero

  19. Robert James “Bob” Dold Jr.

  20. Renee Jacisin Ellmers

  21. Tom Emmer

  22. Michael G. “Mike” Fitzpatrick

  23. Rodney Procter Frelinghuysen

  24. Christopher P. “Chris” Gibson

  25. Kay Granger

  26. Frank Guinta

  27. Richard L. Hanna

  28. Cresent Hardy 

  29. Joseph John “Joe” Heck 

  30. Will Hurd

  31. David Wilson Jolly 

  32. John Michael Katko

  33. Peter King

  34. Adam Daniel Kinzinger

  35. John Paul Kline Jr.

  36. Steve Knight

  37. Leonard J. Lance

  38. Frank Alo LoBiondo

  39. Tom MacArthur

  40. Kevin Owen McCarthy

  41. Michael Thomas McCaul Sr.

  42. Patrick McHenry

  43. Cathy Anne McMorris Rodgers

  44. Martha McSally

  45. Patrick Leo “Pat” Meehan

  46. Candice Miller 

  47. John Moolenaar 

  48. Patrick Murphy

  49. Kristi Lynn Noem

  50. Devin Gerald Nunes

  51. Erik Paulsen

  52. Robert Pittenger

  53. Joseph R. “Joe” Pitts

  54. Bruce Lee Poliquin

  55. David George “Dave” Reichert

  56. Hal Rogers

  57. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

  58. Edward Randall “Ed” Royce

  59. Paul Ryan

  60. Stephen Joseph “Steve” Scalise

  61. Aaron Jon Schock

  62. John Mondy Shimkus 

  63. Michael Keith “Mike” Simpson

  64. Christopher Henry “Chris” Smith

  65. Elise M. Stefanik

  66. Steven Ernst “Steve” Stivers

  67.  Glenn “GT” Thompson

  68. Patrick Joseph “Pat” Tiberi

  69. Dave Trott

  70. Michael R. “Mike” Turner

  71. Frederick Stephen “Fred” Upton

  72. David G. Valadao 

  73. Gregory Paul Walden

  74. Mimi Walters 

  75. Todd Young 

All 182 Democrats present voted for the bill, which thankfully funds the Homeland Security Department through Sept. 30 or until the end of the budget year. So we can now breathe a sigh of relief that our nation will remain protected instead of being left open to the many mad men running high on Islamic State propaganda.

Now the ball is in U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen’s court to also let sanity prevail and do right by many upstanding undocumented immigrants. Hanen has the important task this week to decide whether he will put on hold his prior decision to block the White House’s executive orders on immigration or at least limit the impact to Texas.

The administration asked Hanen for a decision on a stay on his order they requested last month by March 9.

The Justice Department will take its request to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans to ensure the stay that will reverse, or partially reverse, Hanen’s injunction of Feb. 17. This would allow eligible immigrants to apply for benefits, including work permits, while the appeals process plays out in higher courts over the next several months. It is what is urgently needed.

Hanen holds the future of these immigrants literally in his hands, and one can only pray he eventually does right by them within the scope of the power given to him by the Constitution—not a party! It is also incumbent now that the 75 sane Republicans within the Congress begin to pursue action that will reform the country’s immigration laws during their watch while aiding some 11 million-plus immigrants within the borders and closing it thereafter.

No one can argue with that strategy, and it will undoubtedly auger well for them come next year. It’s time to put country over party and let progress ensue by learning the math of the changing demographics of America.

The writer is CMO of Hard Beat Communications, which owns the brands News Americas Now, CaribPR Wire and Invest Caribbean Now.