Jewelry from DANI by Daniel K (129855)

Every woman should have a fine jewelry piece in the jewelry box. DANI by Daniel K just launched its first multimedia jewelry campaign at Baselworld 2015. The collection features flawlessly executed simulated diamonds set in sterling silver. These pieces are appropriate for both day and night.

For this season, the theme is “I Live My Dreams.” The line is geared toward the real working women brave enough to seek out and live their dreams. This multimedia campaign encompasses print, video and social media.

Daniel Koren founded DANI K in 1999, after realizing the need for high-quality women’s jewelry for everyday wear. The inspirational campaign is designed for women of all backgrounds and ethnicities who want to share their message with the world and with other women alike. Ultimately, the campaign will create a global network of women who share their passions and encourage others to believe that anything is possible if they just follow their dreams.

The designer presents the first women to embrace the “I Live My Dreams” concept: Melike Ayan, a financial reporter of Turkish decent, who aspired to fulfill her career as an international journalist, and Paige Chapman, an entrepreneur and native of Philadelphia who launched her own yoga studio where, today, she is living her life’s mission as she helps women develop their bodies and souls.

If you want to share your dreams with Amsterdam News readers, write to Renee Minus White, P.O. Box 244, New York, NY 10032 or email Here are some tips that will help you purchase your diamond.

When looking for a diamond, be sure to remember the four Cs: cut, color, clarity and carat. Out of all of the four Cs, cut is the only one controlled by a person. If your diamond is cut too deep or too shallow, your diamond will be less brilliant and valuable. There are fancy shapes such as round, square, pear or heart. When choosing your diamond, find a good retailer.