Fast food workers fight for living wages to be put on the menu (38573)

The largest rally of underpaid workers is set to take place April 15—tax day.

Tuesday, fast-food cooks, cashiers, adjunct professors and others announced a series of tax day strikes with marches and rallies that will take place across the nation and around the world. The workers are calling for increased wages and the freedom to join unions without fear of retaliation from management, all of which they say will boost economies.

“Fast-food workers have sparked a movement that is changing this country,” said Alvin Major, a KFC worker, in a statement. “People thought we were crazy to call for $15 an hour, but all across the country, cities, states and employers are raising wages significantly because of the stand we are taking. And so many different workers are joining our fight that we will win better pay so our families can succeed and our communities can prosper.”

Workers purposely chose tax day to call for a wage increase to $15 an hour. They want corporations to stop paying workers low wages that leave them unable to afford basic needs and having to rely on public assistance programs.

This day of action will be the first time since fast-food workers walked off the job in November 2012 that college students from more than 170 universities will join the protests. Students from Columbia University and across the country to the University of Southern California will join the movement as the Fight for $15 connects itself to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, citing the ties between racial and economic justice.