So much for New York being one of only a few states in the union to allow high school graduates who are undocumented immigrants to apply for state financial aid for college.

The state’s on-again, off-again “immigrant friendly” governor has put an end to that, caving to Republicans in the state Senate while catering to the rich and powerful.

It’s unbelievable to many that Gov. Andrew Cuomo could so quickly throw funding for the Dream Act under the bus along with the hopes and dreams of so many immigrants in the Empire State. Why? Simply because Republican and Democratic leaders would not agree on a proposal that linked the measure with an education tax credit for public and private schools, which the Republicans support but Democrats don’t.

Cuomo, without batting an eyelash, simply removed the measure from the budget to appease the heartless Republicans. Just like that! No fight, no backbone. Just caving and pandering to ensure his budget passes.

In doing so, he has told immigrant voters and advocates, who he promised that he’d support this measure when running for re-election last year, “Screw you.” This decision is regardless of the fact that many experts said the Dream Act in New York would cost just $27 million of the total $142 billion budget.

So what will happen to the poor, undocumented immigrants who were hoping against all odds to better themselves in New York thanks to the funding of the Dream Act? This population includes the 4,000 undocumented immigrants who graduate from our high schools each year in New York and who will now continue to be denied the same access to higher education enjoyed by their friends and classmates.

The reality is they will have to face paying foreign rates for college or simply defer that dream. Though Cuomo has of course readied his political sidestep by hypocritically claiming that the Dream Act is one of his major priorities, even though it wasn’t included in the budget plan, he now hopes the Legislature will vote on the bill.

While Cuomo continues his political dance—one step forward, two steps backward and then the sidestep—state Sen. Adriano Espaillat of Manhattan, chairman of the Senate Latino Caucus, noted so eloquently, “Today I am reminded of the Langston Hughes poem ‘Harlem’ and its fundamental question: ‘What happens to a dream deferred?’ The failure to include Dream Act funding in the budget is a missed opportunity for New York state to provide relief for hardworking students trapped by our nation’s broken immigration system.”

What an “injustice” indeed. Thanks a lot, Cuomo. Hopefully immigrant voters remember this the next time you come around with that silly smile on your face, making promises you have no intention of keeping.

The writer is CMO of Hard Beat Communications, which owns the brands News Americas Now, CaribPR Wire and Invest Caribbean Now.