You know it’s a good day when you receive a notification that there will be a special guest attending your class today (mainly because that means less note taking and lectures), but can you imagine if that person turned out to be dancehall superstar Konshens?

Last Thursday, Konshens stopped by a class at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan. He was there as part of his “College Pop Up” campaign. Currently in New York, Konshens is promoting several singles and is set to release his new single title “Physically Fit,” produced by platinum-selling producer Russian.

While in New York, Konshens is scheduled to pop up at several colleges. His first stop was John Jay College.

“It’s actually not my first time at John Jay. I performed for the students about a year ago, and the turnout and student response was great. I feel performance is not the only way to connect with your fans. Sometimes we can just appear and hold a reasoning,” said Konshens.

When he entered the classroom, the students were startled for about three seconds, and then you heard the screams and murmurs of “Konshens.”

For 45 minutes, Konshens spoke with a mix of students from the school’s Criminal Justice Department, Law Department and Political Science Department. Talking about his career and some of the highs and lows of being an artist in dancehall, the students took the opportunity to ask Konshens questions about becoming a successful artist and what he did before becoming a dancehall superstar.

Konshens’ impromptu pop-ups has the New York area buzzing, as students are asking, “Will he appear at my school next?” Konshens is slated for another pop-up this week in time for the release of his single “Physically Fit.”