“The value of the Black woman is worth more than the value of the Earth.” This was the message of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, the national minister for the Nation of Islam, who addressed a national audience of women Saturday, April 18.

Broadcasting live from Mosque Miriam in Chicago to Mosque No. 7 in Harlem, N.Y., Farrakhan stressed the importance of nation building and reminded the global Black population that “a nation can rise no higher than its women.”

Farrakhan’s first call to address Black women exclusively came just after the Million Man March occurred. It was during a trip to Atlanta, where he was approached by a Black woman who requested he address and uplift the Black woman the way he empowers the Black man in America. Since that time, the first “Save Our Girls” event occurred in Atlanta, with more than 10,000 Black women in attendance. Since Farrakhan’s decision to focus on Black women, other Christian ministers such as T.D. Jakes and several others have stepped forward to follow the lead of Farrakhan by having Black women-only events to uplift the Black woman. “Your base is the home,” Farrakhan said, “but is not necessarily your place.”

He went on to ask Black women, “Who are you that God would have to call you in to protect you? It is because the woman who carries the secret of God would have to be called in to be protected from this new creature that was coming, who would in his heart and mind seek to destroy the moral character of women all over the Earth.”

The Black woman, Farrakhan remarked, holds the secret of God and civilization. He explained his premise: “The woman had to be put under the control of the man. The freedom that she had to walk beside the man in building worlds was or had to be protected. Everything you see in the world was built by the original people: the Black man and the Black woman. God created you from a single being and spread from these two many men and women. He created you, not from a rib, but from a single being. God created man from one of a kind. In the nature of that being is the fundamental essence of what a man is: It’s the creation of woman. As man is created from God’s image, the original Black woman is created in the image of God and man. A Black woman is the second self of God.”

The Sphinx of the Egypt, the first wonder of the world, Farrakhan noted, reminds the world that Black people are the original builders of the world. “You are not a johnny-come-lately,” he remarked. “You are the original builders of every great civilization. It started from you.

“The Black woman is the first woman on the Earth, and no one knows how she got here or how old he is. No one was there to record the beginning of the Black woman because she came out of God. Sh’s a co-creator with God. Everything that is created in the world the Black woman had a hand in creating.”

He continued, “Within the Black woman is the secret to God and civilization. If the Black man looks deep within himself, he will find a Black woman.”

The foundation of Farrakhan’s speech is rooted in the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the former leader of the Nation of Islam who was appointed by its founder, the great Mahdi and master teacher W. Fard Muhammad.

Among the highlights of the event were the MGT drill team and the junior drill team, which demonstrated the mental discipline and the physical ability of the children of Muhammad University of Islam. The MGT and GCC vanguard team prepared Black women with martial arts and self-defense courses. The all-female drill team moved as an army that was ready to defend Black women against injustice. They exemplified a military unit prepared to protect their community and the virtue of the Black woman. Also noteworthy was the fashion show, which was produced to show young Black girls that they can design their own clothing and look beautiful while wearing it.

The lives of Black people are under attack globally, but the dangers that women and young girls face are very specific. All of the attacks that are waged against the women and girls of a particular race are very strategic and calculated by a larger global system of white supremacy. Farrakhan’s warning of an evil paradigm that is currently proceeding was clear: “We are the mothers and fathers of civilization. If you want to take the world down, you attack the female. If you want to bring the world up, you bring up the women. When you want to destroy a race of people, you attack the virtue of the women of that race.”

The minister reiterated, “The secret of a man is in the woman. If you want to get to a man and destroy him, you must get to his woman.”

Thus, not only do Black women have to be protected, but also Black women have to protect other Black women and allow Black men to do the same while fighting to defend and protect the virtue of Black women worldwide. The women at the helm of the Save Our Girls seminar in Chicago provided the Black women in attendance with the notion of showing the world what a righteous woman is and not simply what a righteous woman looks like. There were exercises in self-defense, child rearing, keeping a clean home and developing a sisterhood among Black women.

Sister Nadirah Muhammad, for example, a heroic instructor from Detroit, gave a kidney to a young African-American girl, A’ja Booth, who was suffering from a kidney disease and was in urgent need of a suitable kidney donor. Nadirah Muhammad spoke at the Save Our Girls event this weekend to a crowd full of women and girls in attendance, stressing, “We must be clean in mind and body so that our actions may reflect this. We must be properly taught.”

Yet, being properly taught, according to Muhammad, means loving God, loving yourself, loving your husband, loving your family, loving your community and loving your nation. From there, Black women must share the word of God with their husbands, their families, their children and, ultimately, the Black nation, which will help save our girls and ultimately rebuild our nation.

“The day must come when we are our sister’s keeper and truly want for her what we want for ourselves in order for us to save our women and girls,” said Muhammad.

The love of women and girls and what is required to save them will happen throughout our actions and deeds as Black people. Our love for ourselves, our rearing of our children, the keepers of our men as reflections of God and our keeping of a unified Black family is one of the greatest, most effective ways for which we can defend ourselves against the global injustice of white supremacy.