Kyla Imani McMillan, 13, is set for big things. This teenager’s resume is already impressive. She is being called “a developing quintuple threat,” with her songwriting, instrument playing, singing, dancing and acting.

Only a few months ago, Beyonce released her hit song “7/11.” Along with the song, she released a music video of her and a group of friends dancing and seeming to have a lot of fun. As the video went viral, many of her fans started to mimic her and create their own versions of the music video. But only a few of her fans have gotten thousands of views, and one fan who accomplished over 1 million views was 13-year-old McMillan.

This young lady is so gifted. She performs. She writes songs. She dances. She’s a young gymnast who also plays the guitar and the piano. She acts. She performs.

“I felt really excited,” said McMillan, “to see all those people who enjoyed my video. I didn’t really expect such a great response.”

McMillan also has her own YouTube channel, where she displays her singing ability. With the guidance of her parents, she creates her own songs. “My friends and family are my major supporters, and they are my most inspirations!” She’s also inspired by great musicians and singers such as Michael Jackson and India.Arie. During the month of May, she will be releasing a single.

Meanwhile, as she increases her fan base, she has some other big things going on. The native New Yorker is now in junior high school and will become a high school freshman this fall.

“I am looking forward to going to high school,” she told the AmNews. “I would like to attend to a performing acts school so I can pursue a career in music.”

Most ninth-graders do not have a huge fan base to contend with, but this delightfully modest young lady laughed and said, “I don’t feel like a celebrity. I just feel like a normal girl who got a couple of views on a video.”

Her father, Londell McMillan, a famed entertainment lawyer and publisher of the Source magazine, gushes like the proud papa he is. Talking to his supporters, he said, “Thank you for your support and well wishes for my daughter Kyla. You have been amazing. Late last year, we released Kyla’s first music video. She wants to perform and act, but we don’t live in L.A. So after she turned 13 and by keeping her grades up, I honored my promise to start building her viewership. We are on our way (thanks to you) … Kyla has gone viral with millions of views, via Facebook and YouTube. Her Beyonce video is the standout so far, and we are grateful to Ms. Carter. It has all been in good fun.”

The AmNews asked the young phenom about her songwriting plans.

“I would love to make more prominent adult song covers, where I can make them more children friendly,” McMillan said, beaming, “so we as the youth can enjoy it too.”

The creator of the song “Top of the World” is set to release her debut album later this summer. “The music is fantastic, if I must say so,” said McMillan, “as I made sure songs and production were … age appropriate.”

The Beyonce “7/11” remake video has exceeded 20 million views on social media and more than 1 million on her own YouTube page ( Find her on Instagram and Twitter @KylaImani and Facebook at