For Australia’s Fashion Week earlier this month, Talulah’s collection was colorful, sexy and stylish! Her energetic, positive and down-to-earth approach to design comes through in every piece. Her swimwear, dresses and sportswear pieces are wearable yet extremely fashionable. Her looks connect with women around the world.

Kelli Wharton, Talulah’s creative director, creates clothes that reflect and fit into your lifestyle. “As long as I can remember, I have wanted to design and create,” said Wharton. “Through my journey and experiences, I hope to inspire other women to do the same.” The Talulah woman is feminine, creative and independent. She dreams big and builds a path in her life that’s her own. She is committed to living gratefully each day. This woman works with balance, creativity, health, well being, action and love. She knows what she wants, what she loves and what her skills and passions are. She includes these passions in her life and connects with others.

The designer’s passion is to create wearable designs that women love. Design is how she expresses herself. Talulah was created in 2005. The designer, who lives and works in Byron Bay, Australia, feels lucky enough to be able to surround herself daily with a team of creative women who live and work with her same values. Her designs are inspired by the water and the women she employs. She is also influenced by her husband, family, art, color, flowers and music.

At Talulah, prints and colors are constructed by women who share the joy of being feminine. They love style, expression and talent, and express this through their wardrobe. As they all move toward Talulah’s 10th anniversary in business, the designer continues to demonstrate what she has learned by living well, being herself and creating. She commented, “Life is a journey. Creativity is a passion. And Talulah is a lifestyle.”