As President Barack Obama celebrates the confirmation of Loretta Lynch’s nomination, on one hand he is ecstatic, and on the other hand, upset. It should not have taken Sen. Mitch McConnell, the majority leader of the Senate, five and a half months to find time to call a vote on the president’s nomination. Obama has been mistreated at every turn, with obstruction and disrespect—the fundamental goal of McConnell’s actions.

The Democrats understand that their agenda is at a standstill because the Republicans are in positions of power in both chambers of Congress. With this new power structure, the Democrats can expect things to get nastier and uglier with the Republicans. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, three Republicans who officially announced they’re running for president, have decided to spend their time attacking the president and his policies.

From this point on, the president and the Democrats are the enemy, and this makes for a very contentious legislative session. During the last session, Congress was labeled as the do-nothing Congress, and this session it will be considered the broken and dysfunctional Congress. Many political experts argue that not much will be accomplished this session, and the blame will be put on the president.

“The things that these GOP candidates stand for run counter to the Democratic message. They are against the minimum wage. They are against helping ensure equal pay for women. They are against health care reform. They are against immigration reform. They are against a fairer tax code that treats work the same as wealth,” says Greg Rosenbaum, chairman of the National Jewish Democratic Council.

Obama has reached a new understanding of his office, and he knows that he has only a year and a half left in his time on the job. Many Republicans are starting to call him the lame duck president, but the president does not take the easy way out. The president takes his job personally, and he is extremely proud of his accomplishments.

His signature program, the Affordable Care Act, will probably see 10 million people sign up for health care in 2015, although it is very hard to get solid numbers. The numbers goes beyond exchange and Medicaid enrollment, and include a significant gain in employer-sponsored insurance. The unemployment rate in March 2015 stood at 5.5 percent, and last year it stood at 6.5 percent.

The president says he has cut the federal deficit in half, and he is telling the truth. The federal deficit is the difference between federal spending and revenue, which was $1.4 trillion when he took office, and now is approximately $514 billion. The Republicans are right when they say the total debt has increased by 65 percent since Obama took office.

Gasoline prices have remained in check, and the national average is approximately $2.65 per gallon, saving Americans money at the pump. The greatest oil boom in this nation’s history has occurred during the president’s tenure. A combination of new technology and crude oil has increased the production of oil by 72 percent. Wind and solar power have tripled during Obama’s watch, and the amount of electricity produced from these two renewable sources has increased by 221 percent.

As the Republicans continue to attack the president and talk about what he has not done, the president should start a major PR campaign to present his record of achievement. Obama will not run away from his record because in every area in the country, he has improved on President George W. Bush’s record.

It is time for the Democrats to have the president’s back and not allow the Republicans to make derogatory statements that are not based on truth. The president should also challenge the fraudulent statements that are based on conjecture by the Republicans and push back against their ignorant treatment.