Mumia Abu-Jamal April 6, 2015 (132166)

“There’s no way that they’re not treating him and it not be deliberate and aimed at one thing … these people know what they’re doing,” said Sister Ramona Africa, MOVE’s minister of communications. “The term has been put out, ‘medical neglect.’ It goes beyond medical neglect, they are actively trying to kill Mumia. And his condition is constantly getting worst … their plan is to kill him!”

Close comrades and relatives of Mumia Abu-Jamal have been concerned about his rapidly deteriorating health since his “near-death” March 30 diabetic shock, which caused him to lose consciousness and be hospitalized. Activists gathered globally Friday, April 24 to commemorate his 61st physical day anniversary, as well as heighten awareness about his medical needs and torturous treatment by prison personnel.

“His face is real thin, his neck is very wrinkly and dark. He’s in a lotta pain, his back is hurting him, he looks like a fire survivor. It’s all on his neck, back, with red cracks … they’re killing him,” said Abu-Jamal’s wife, Wadiya Jamal, on Saturday afternoon, fresh from visiting him the past two days. “His legs are so big, and so black … it’s unbelievable. They are clearly trying to kill him. If you could see him, you would be terrified. His arms and legs look reptilian almost.”

Pam Africa, MOVE’s minister of confrontation, and Abu-Jamal’s lawyer, Bret Grote, attempted to visit Jamal at SCI Mahanoy this Monday but were denied because “the prison barred all visitors today for ‘health and security reasons.’”

She described the nationwide outpouring of support for Abu-Jamal Friday, including “a big rally/march on [Philly’s] Broad Street,” before explaining how “Mumia lost 80 pounds. He was taking baby steps, his feet were swollen, busting out his sneakers. He’s losing hair, his hands are always shaking. His condition is getting worst.”

Pam Africa also detailed how Abu-Jamal was critically weakened and experiencing serious symptoms often associated with high blood sugar levels, kidney stress and failure, and renal failure. “His limbs are immensely swollen, and he is barely able to walk,” she said, explaining that “medications caused an allergic reaction, making his blood pressure higher, and he’s swollen up, [his] body blew up … They’re killing Mumia and everyone needs to be put on notice on what’s happening here.”

This Monday, Abu-Jamal was also given a mandatory order to report to the infirmary where he was readmitted. Abu-Jamal later called in with a message.

“Our work cannot stop until Mumia receives the proper medical, nutritional and therapeutic treatment necessary to reverse the devastating impact of months of untreated diabetes,” read the press release announcing the event. “Thousands of phone calls and hundreds of protests have forced the Pennsylvania prison system to allow him access to visitors and to release his medical records to his lawyers. The prison has modified his diet, but there is no guarantee this will continue unless the pressure is kept on.”

“They claim that they really don’t have a diagnosis. If they don’t know, why don’t they send him out to a hospital with qualified doctors?” Ramona Africa asked. “In December 1981, in 1995, 1999, they tried to kill Mumia and were unsuccessful. This is just another one of their sick, maniacal tactics to kill Mumia, and we the people cannot allow that!”

Please continue to make phone calls to state and prison officials. See the list below.

Superintendent John Kerestes


SCI Mahanoy

Chief Health Care Administrator Steinhardt


Christopher Oppman Director, PA Department of Corrections Health Care Services


John Wetzel Secretary, PA Department of Corrections


Tom Wolf

Governor, Pennsylvania


Support the online campaign to raise money to help pay for the legal and medical campaign for Abu-Jamal.

Write: Mumia Abu-Jamal

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