“Gigi” is one of the most gigantic flops I’ve seen on Broadway in a while! Whatever you have experienced in a Broadway musical—an exciting opening number and mesmerizing, spectacular musical numbers—don’t expect it in “Gigi.” The only songs that were a complete joy were “I Remember It Well” and “I’m Glad I’m Not Young Anymore,” performed by Victoria Clark as Mamita and Howard McGillin as Honore Lachaille. The signature song, “Gigi,” performed by Corey Cott (Gaston) starts off very weak and ends strong, but it should have been strong consistently.

Playing at the Neil Simon Theatre on West 52nd Street, the performance offers no thrills, no stirring moments. Sitting in the audience, I often didn’t react to the songs at all.

This musical marks the Broadway debut for Vanessa Hudgens as Gigi. She’s a young lady known for starring in Disney’s “High School Musical” movies, and it is lackluster debut, to say the most. It’s disappointing to me that this musical was so poorly brought to life on stage.

The 1958 film version that starred Leslie Caron as Gigi, Louis Jordan as Gaston, Maurice Chevalier as Honore Lachaille and Hermione Gingold as Mamita is what I will continue to think of when I think of seeing a fun, dramatic and moving musical version of this marvelous story. This stage production can’t be in the same room with that film. It is flat and drab.

When I heard “Gigi” was coming to Broadway, I was so excited. What a let down. The performances are uninspired and boring at times, and that’s not the right mixture for a Broadway musical.

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