Last month, the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation named the 2015 class of Doris Duke Artists. Individually, recipients will receive $275,000 in “flexible, multi-year funding as an investment in and celebration of their ongoing contributions to the fields of contemporary dance, theater and jazz,” notes the release.

This remarkable list includes New York dance artists Camille A. Brown, Ronald K. Brown, Nora Chipaumire, Stephen Petronio and Doug Varone. In response to receiving the award, Chipaumire said, “I’m without words for what this recognition means to me. I’m perhaps not too singular in the way that I live from project to project to sustain me and the people who support me. That’s always been the reality of arts funding. But I’ve always had a larger vision, and I hope this award will help me realize some of it—to extend my good fortune to others and fill a vacuum that exists for students of dance in Africa by creating a center for research.”

To help sustain their careers over the long term, recipients are supported with assistance in strategic planning, time management, financial planning, legal advice and more.

To qualify for consideration by the review panels, all the Doris Duke Artists must have won grants, prizes or awards on a national level for at least three different projects over the past 10 years, with at least one project having received support from a DDCF-funded program. The panel chose the artists on the basis of demonstrated evidence of exceptional creativity, ongoing self-challenge and the continuing potential to make significant contributions to the fields of jazz, contemporary dance and theatre in the future. By the end of the initiative, 100 artists will have been named Doris Duke Artists. By the end of the 10 years, the foundation will have offered awards to a total of at least 200 artists in contemporary dance, jazz and theater.

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