Aziza (139491)

Aziza, founder and artistic director of Def Dance Jam Workshop, an intergenerational dance company of artists with and without different abilities, celebrates 20 years of service in the Harlem community with the spring season premier, “Touch…to feel your words” Sunday, May 17. In 2014, they transitioned to the new branding title “Def Dance Jam Community” or DDJC. The group is recognized as a mixed ability intergenerational performing group of artists known for creating “artivism,” that is, using performing art to make a difference through “CommINunity Projects.”

For this celebration, they will explore “the affects/effects of ‘Touch’ spiritually, physically and mentally. Consistent with other DDJC repertoire that celebrate the community, this season also showcases the transition of a leadership model that Aziza has set in place,” according to the press release. Also slated is a “Touch Photo Exhibit” by renaissance photographer Jim Edmonds and a jazz set by vocalist Tulivu Donna Cumberbatch from her new CD, “Come Sunday String Project.” Lead dancers Trashina Conner, Maria Lucas, Lydia Peterson and Selena Stanley make up the DDJC Core.

The transition structure for the “Touch” project was conceived, choreographed and directed by Aziza and will be co-directed by her mentor, choreographer and DDJC Creative Management Team member Dianne McIntyre.

Performances will take place at the Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center. For more information, visit