Intimacy and fragrance go hand and hand. Sweet scented floral notes influence thoughts of youth and modernity whereas musk and vanilla notes evoke a sense of power and maturity. When buying your fragrance in a store, you can experience the aroma of the scent. When you are purchasing a bottle of perfume or cologne online, you must imagine the scent, especially if you are not familiar with it. So Estevia Parfum’s collaboration with Scent Trunk began May 1 to offers its potential online clients a sample of this spectacular scent.

For online business, Estevia Parfum’s mission is to get samples into the hands of potential customers with the confidence that those samples will turn into sales. The Scent Trunk is the perfect vehicle for this task. Scent Trunk is a growing startup that brings samples of high-end fragrances to the doorsteps of would-be customers to try and buy. In each box, subscribers of the service will receive three generously sized samples that are carefully curated to their taste. The scents are derived from a fragrance “tailoring quiz” that determines each subscriber’s personal style.

From Dubai to France, Estevia Parfum’s fragrances transport you to the worldly places of your dreams. Every one of their products is made with attention to detail. They utilize quality in their fragrances, bottle designs, packaging design, feel and the special accents of gold and silver caps.

Scent Trunk stocks a variety of fragrances to suit everyone. Estevia Parfum offers customers luxury and the pesky price tag that accompanies other brands of its caliber. For under $50, you can expect quality and durability in their fragrance. The signature fragrance line is capsuled in brightly toned bottles. Each bottle holds distinct notes that correspond with your personality and fragrance style. For the 20-something customer who is looking for a fragrance that will take her from work to 5 p.m. happy hour, there’s “Myrina,” enveloped in a pretty pink bottle. For the creative woman eager to make a statement, “Carme” fits the bill. It fills the air with musk and spice.

Estevia Parfum has plenty of options for their male clients as well. For those looking for a strong, powerful fragrance, “Cabri” is great for the successful CEO. To subscribe, visit