Amber earrings from Treasure Hunt Jewelry (142378)

Treasure Hut Jewelry introduces a new “Amber From the Baltic Sea Jewelry” collection. Each piece looks like a rare gem. Many designers work with amber. You will usually see it set in gold or silver, or in combination with other precious stones, including diamonds.

They offer amber, custom-made wedding pearls and jewelry in Syracuse, N.Y. Along with jewelry design, Treasure Hut Jewelry specializes in jewelry and eyeglass repair. Their services include antique jewelry repair, antique watch repair, gold and silver jewelry repair and costume jewelry repair.

Baltic amber’s fascinating history spans the period from the tertiary forest to the point when it was found as a small solid nugget on the Baltic Beach. Amber-yielding forests grew in the area of what is now northern Europe. Larger pieces of Baltic amber weighs more than five pounds. Baltic amber contains 2 percent to 8 percent Amber acid. There are also very small beautiful pieces. When you hold these stones in your hands, they offer a pleasant scent. Baltic amber comes in light and warm gemstones.

Baltic amber became a legendary, popular charm and decorative stone. Today, it is one of the most highly valued and fashionable stones in the world. Artistic amber pieces are often used for decoration in royal chambers. There is an unmatched variety of beautiful Amber colors, and the stone is beneficial to your health and well-being. Amber jewelry looks really nice with casual clothing, as well as with evening attire. For special occasions, the more luxurious pieces are used as decorations.