Elombe Brath (74495)

Grassroots activists and lifelong comrades of a legendary Pan-Africanist and community stalwart filed into Brooklyn’s Restoration Plaza, 1368 Harriet Tubman Blvd., Saturday, May 16 to honor the legacy Elombe Brath, who devoted his entire life to liberating his people. During the fundraiser, they also announced the establishing of the Elombe Brath Foundation in his memory, which will continue his efforts.

“I thank Elombe for doing your homework and sharing it with us,” commented comrade and progressive artist Camille Yarbrough to begin the event after pouring libations and leading the audience in a calling of the ancestors.

During the first ever Commemoration of the Life and Legacy of Elombe Brath, much mention was made of the noteworthy contributions he made before passing last May 19, which most people are not aware of because his work was done without fanfare.

“A lot of people don’t know, Elombe brought heads of state [from Africa] to Harlem, and made them feel at home,” Yarbrough shared.

Mention was also made of how Brath served as a consultant and introduced some of those dignitaries to TV journalist Gil Noble, who would interview them on his “Like It Is” program on WABC-TV. It was also noted how he provided much of the artwork that appeared on the long-running show about social issues in the Black community.

Bernard White, former WBAI program director, caused some laughter when he commented about the erudite scholar always gathering information. He said, “I used to tell Elombe, ‘You know, you’d really be about 6-foot-3 if you didn’t carry all those papers.”

Some recalled Brath’s Patrice Lumumba Coalition and their frequent forums at Harlem’s Harriet Tubman Learning Center, 250 W. 127th St.

“The foundation will focus on research, education and maintaining international connections, so our pride and situation won’t be so localized,” commented Brath’s son Cinque during a panel that featured Brath’s brother Kwame Brathwaite and concluded the event.

Dr. Georgina Falu, who assisted Brath’s family in establishing the nonprofit organization, explained the benefits of the arrangement before stating, “His commitment was to our people, and we need to continue it.”

For more information, visit elombebrathfoundation.org.