In our two previous sojourns, we delved into the history of beautiful Los Cabos and its fraternal twin cities San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, and immersed ourselves mind, body and soul at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf & Spa Resort, one of the top luxury resorts in México.

Now it’s time to check out a bit of the local flavor—in both ambiance and gastronomic fare.


The Los Cabos area has a great deal to offer visitors, from natural estuaries, beaches, surfing, boating and fishing, to diverse golf courses, art galleries, boutiques, historic churches and quaint villages that have retained their own unique flavor and charm for generations.

To help you enjoy as much or as little as you desire, you’ll find a number of companies offering a wide array of tours, lasting anywhere from only a few hours to all day, designed to provide up-close-and-personal experiences.

Among them are Cabo San Lucas Tours, whose tours include snorkeling and diving, whale watching and off-road ATV adventures through desert canyons, sand dunes and along the beach.

Serious “big fish” fishermen and women can book a dream fishing trip with Pisces Sportfishing, one of the most reputable charter companies in Cabo San Lucas, to snag that prize skipjack, striped marlin, triggerfish, grouper or other type of fish, in addition to catch-and-release shark fishing.

Dolphin Discovery Los Cabos provides a unique opportunity to swim with the dolphins in their natural ocean cove habitat, and Cabo Adventures offers snorkeling, zip lining and camel riding excursions.

Imagine exploring the diverse marine life and natural rock formations near the famous Los Arcos landmark via glass bottom boat or kayak with High Tide Sea Adventures. Meanwhile, history buffs can enjoy an intimate experience with Cabo Pacific Tours to the enchanting village of Todos Santos, with its impressive artisan culture and Jesuit mission founded in 1730, as well as aboard a Los Cabos Deluxe City and Shopping Tour that takes visitors to many of the area’s outstanding Mexican artisan shops and boutiques and historical sites.


Cabo San Lucas offers a wide array of culinary options in and around town that cater to the estimated 1 million annual visitors who come here from all over the world. From Thai to Italian, French, Moroccan, Greek, Spanish and other cuisines, you will find it here.

There are so many great places to scratch your culinary itch that I couldn’t possibly name them all—and don’t want to leave any out! But I couldn’t end this feature series without telling you about my absolute favorite—the Office.

I have to preface this by saying that I normally tell folks to avoid all of the typical (and especially American chain) tourist joints, as you will find more value, culture and flavor at local places that are operated primarily for the love of the culinary experience, not the love of the monetary benefit.

However, I am making an exception for the Office. Located on Playa El Medano off Avenida del Pescador and open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Office is energetic and chaotic, situated next door to a huge outdoor party bar-restaurant with music blaring day and night. It’s totally worth every minute!

The backstory is that in the 1970s, a gringo Americano (white American) came to the area and opened a little fishing operation plus a small eatery serving fresh fish tacos, hamburgers and a few other items to feed the local fisherman and workers. Because he loved the area so much and got to work outside, he called it his “office.” Well, the name stuck, and it has been one of the most popular places in Cabo ever since.

The dining area is divided between two covered upper-level patios with 10 tables and an expansive main dining area in the sand peppered with white cast-iron tables covered with a canopy of overlapping indigo-hued umbrellas that keep out the elements yet still exude the beach vibe, with the waves from the Sea of Cortez rolling in just beyond.

The food here is off-the-chain good! For lunch, we ordered the Ahi Tuna, a fantastic full plate of paper-thin, fresh fish marinated in lime juice, olive oil, habanera juice and spices. Main entrees include the Todos Santos (from the local village of the same name), fresh lobster steamed or grilled and served with rice, beans, avocado, tomatoes and corn or flour tortillas; the Fish Al Ajillo, a filet of fish prepared with garlic cloves and chile guajillo and served with rice, beans, avocado and tortillas; and the Office Combo, a lobster-stuffed Poblano pepper smothered with organic tomatillo sauce, a shrimp enchilada with a corn tortilla covered in guajillo chile sauce and a grilled flank steak, all served with rice, black beans with epazote (a pungent herb used in Latin American cooking) and guacamole, among other entrees.

We opted for the flank steak tacos and sea bass tacos, both of which were the bomb! The steak was so tender it practically fell apart when touched by the tines of the fork, and the sea bass tasted as if it had leapt directly from the ocean onto the plate (and it probably made that transition only hours before at any rate).

Our meals came with delicious sides of rice, black beans and homemade guacamole, and are sumptuous enough to satisfy the brawniest fisherman, linebacker or bodybuilder. While you eat, beach vendors—selling hats, T-shirts, jewelry, wood carvings, key chains and the like—come up to the tables situated closest to the water, making it a fun eat and shop experience that, although kind of tacky and touristy, really fits the ambiance—and yes, I made several purchases in between bites.

All told, our outstanding meal with an appetizer, two entrees, chips and salsa and three alcoholic drinks came to only $58! A visit to Cabo just would not be complete without a visit to the Office.


Alas, our adventure has to come to a close, but the good thing about travel is that the memories last a lifetime!

Lysa Allman Baldwin is a freelance writer and the publisher and editor of Amazing Escapades, offering “adventures for the mind, bod and belly” (