Mumia Abu-Jamal (131315)

This week, the People’s Organization of Progress spoke in support of recently terminated Orange elementary school teacher Marilyn Zuniga at the Orange Board of Education meeting.

Zuniga was terminated just weeks ago by the board in response to pressure from the Fraternal Order of Police for having her students send “Get Well” cards to Mumia Abu-Jamal, who remains ill.

She was first suspended with pay by the Orange Board of Education for the “unauthorized” gesture.

The controversy has attracted international attention and an outpouring of support. “The struggle for justice for Marilyn Zuniga is by no means over,” said Larry Hamm, the founding chairman for the POP.

POP is asking organizations and individuals to write the Orange Board of Education to condemn the Zuniga termination and demand her reinstatement. Letters should be sent to president of the Orange Board of Education, Patricia A. Arthur c/o School Board Secretary, Orange Public Schools, 451 Lincoln Avenue, Orange NJ 07050.