The cast of "The Breakdown." Krystal "K.G." Garner, Selena Hill and Vanessa Dennis (145000)

Multimedia journalist and radio personality Selena Hill is best known for her radio show “Let Your Voice Be Heard” on Harlem’s WHCR 90.3 FM, however, she’s now giving her take on issues, lifestyle and empowering women in a new web show.

“The Breakdown,” which premiered in May on YouTube, is hosted by Hill, model/actress Krystal “KG” Garner and Vanessa Denis, street reporter for D.L Hughley’s syndicated radio show. The trio presents the web-based talk show similar to “The View” in a five-minute format.

Hill said the idea for the show originated from her business partner Stanley Fitz who serves as executive producer.

The Breakdown

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“We put a team together at the beginning of the year and just started shooting,” she said. “Every episode is around than five minutes and targets millennial women of color. This is content people want and have been waiting for for a long time”

Along with providing a show for women of color, behind the scenes “The Breakdown’s” team mirrors target audience. The show’s seven-woman crew consists of two videographers, video editor, PR manager and a marketing manager.

Hill said the title allows for a wide variety of things to be covered on the show.

“We wanted something that wasn’t too limiting and more broad,” she said. “The show is still new and we don’t want to typecast ourselves.”

With six episodes already recorded, “The Breakdown” posts new episodes weekly on YouTube and Facebook.

“When you look at other talks shows like ‘The Real’ and ‘The View,’ what we are doing is similar, but they don’t have a panel of young Black women,” Hill said. “We talk about all types of topics and from our own personal experiences.”

Check out the first episode of “The Breakdown” below.