The Harlem-based community organization known as the Five Percenters converged over the past two weekends to showcase their artistic talents, as well as to acknowledge its founder and one of his closest comrades. Fond memories were shared about the social efforts put forth by Allah and Justice as they helped educate local youths throughout the 1960s, during the groups’ formative years.

Sunday, June 7, a few members reflected on the legacy of Old Man Justice, aka Free Cipher Akbar, as he guided the youths after Allah, the Father’s June 13, 1969, assassination, up until his own untimely passing July 17, 1978.

“He was Allah’s right-hand man and was very wise,” recalled Jamel Freedom Allah, who, as a teen, had met Justice at a monthly parliament at the Harriet Tubman Learning Center (250 W. 127th St.) back in the mid-1970s. “Justice helped him put this all together. Thanks to them, we are where we are today.”

Jamel Freedom also spoke about how Justice advocated education and for the youths to develop a skill or trade so they could properly provide for and support their families. Mention was also made of Allah and Justice chaperoning local youths on trips abroad so they could experience life beyond the city’s limits.

On Show and Prove Sunday, June 14 at the Harriet Tubman Learning Center, much homage was paid to the Earths, female Five Percenters. “The Father emphasized on educating the Earths because we are the first teachers of the babies,” reflected Omala Earth, the group’s second female member.

Others recollected Allah’s efforts. “He left the Nation of Islam so he could focus on teaching the youth,” said Abu Shahid, who soldiered with Allah, the Father at the Nation of Islam’s Temple No. 7 during the early 1960s, where he was known as Clarence 13X. “He knew the children would be the future.”

Started in 1971 by several members of the group Allah established in 1964, the annual Show and Prove is conducted in Harlem during the second weekend of each June to acknowledge the anniversary of Allah’s assassination. Throughout three days of festivities, the Five Percenters, aka the Nation of Gods & Earths, showcase their creative talents and conduct various educational seminars geared toward the youth.

Allah, the Father was mortally wounded at age 41 during the wee hours of Friday, June 13, 1969, in the elevator of 21 W. 112th Street. The murder remains unsolved.

To support the ongoing campaign to co-name the corner of 126th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard “Allah, The Father’s Way,” contact allahsign@gmail.com or write to PO Box 1295 New York, NY 10027.