Last week, Loretta Lynch officially became the 83rd attorney general of the U.S.

With her husband, Stephen Hargrove, her father, Lorenzo Lynch, and officials from the White House by her side, she was formally sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a seemingly happy President Barack Obama looking on. Despite the acrimonious remarks and the Republican-led drawing out of the confirmation process, she was finally sworn in Wednesday, June 17. The ceremony took place at the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C.

Lynch took her oath of office holding the Bible of Fredrick Douglass, as she became the first African-American woman to hold the position. During her speech, she thanked several people who helped her and supported her throughout the hectic confirmation experience. Lynch also gave an inspirational speech about how she grew up working in the fields of North Carolina with her grandfather and she now is the attorney general of the United States. She said that during her time in office, her main focus will be to address some of the problems that we face as a nation, such as civil rights issues, crime and sex trafficking.

But before she was sworn in, Bedford Academy, a high school in Brooklyn, N.Y., was honored to lead the Pledge of Allegiance. After, they were honored to meet Lynch.

“Getting to say the Pledge of Allegiance for the inauguration of Loretta Lynch and having the opportunity to meet her was an amazing and once-in-a-life time opportunity that I was elated to be a part of,” said Lauren Drayton, currently a junior at Bedford Academy.

Even though the main event was about Lynch, some students were still starstuck to be sitting in the same room as Obama. “It was powerful to actually see a Black male that does not play a sport or creates music, but still is able to command the attention of an entire room. Barack Obama may be the first and only president I have seen in person,” said Solomon Francis, currently a junior at Bedford Academy.

“These students really appreciate this opportunity to witness this historic moment,” said Principal Adofo Muhammad, beaming. “They appreciate the gravitas of the appointment and the significance of being in the room with President Barack Obama and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch.”