Baltimore County Police (147498)

Questions linger after police fatally shoot an unarmed Black man near Baltimore, according to reports.

The shooting stemmed from a domestic violence call on Thursday in Owning Mills, Md. about 20 miles south of Baltimore. The victim was 41-year-old Spencer Lee McCain who was shot by Baltimore County Police.

A woman said he was threatening to physically assault her. Two children were also on the scene.

Officers believed McCain had a weapon and opened fire. It was discovered that he was unarmed. Three officers have been placed on administrative leave.

Police say that the residence had a history of domestic disturbances. Records show there was an order of protection against McCain from going to the home.

“Whenever there is a police-involved shooting, there’s always a concern of what happened,” Baltimore NAACP president Tony Fugett said to local media. “Typically, what we do is we will look into the matter and we will see what the report says. We don’t like to jump to any conclusions.”

Baltimore was the site of the police killing of unarmed, Black Freddie Gray. Six officers in that case were indicted.