When it comes to hair and makeup, you must define your own beauty. Inspired by New York City’s diverse cultural mix, Maybelline New York believes in the power of makeup to allow a woman to invent and embrace her own confidence and self-expression. Season after season, they offer new shades of eye shadow, lipstick and blush for you to create your own look.

For summer, there is an emphasis on eyes. You want to go for a smoky eye look. Start with a definitely shaped eyebrow; apply eyeliner on the top and bottom of your eyelids; and wear one or two shades of eye shadow on top of your eyelids—use one light and one dark shade preferably, though they can also be two tones of the same color, but of a dark and light hue. Lips are shiny.

In hair for summer, Tresemme highlighted their Seven-Day Keratin Smooth System. It’s an at-home hair care system that features revolutionary thermal technology to help fight frizz. Using it allows you to create salon-smooth styles that last up to seven days or through three washes.

Trends talked to local hair stylist Petra Olan, who specializes in multicultural hair and makeup for special occasions and bridal parties at Bridal Gal Company. Olan emphasized the importance of hair care at home. For brides, the hair look is half up and half down. The style is called “Beach Wave.” Summer styles, such as ponytails or loose waves, are in. Totally straight hair is out. Frizzy, curly, wavy, natural looking hair is back. Lengths vary.

“You can have fashionable looking hair at any length,” said Olan. “A good hair cut is important, and having access to the right hair products is key.”

While in the sun, at the beach or pool, use a conditioning gel and slick your hair back. “Gels are thick and they will block some of the sun,” she said. Gels also protect hair from chlorine in pools. Salt water dries your hair 10 times faster than fresh water, so use a conditioner. And don’t worry about using too much—your hair will absorb what it needs. Of course, the sea or pool water will rinse out the conditioner, so just keep re-applying gel while you’re at the beach or pool. Don’t forget to shower and rinse conditioners out of your hair when you are through sunbathing.

For the pool and beach, Nike has introduced a fabulous little soft cloth swim cap that somehow protects your hair. And there’s always a wide-brimmed straw hat to block the sun.

With regards to washing your hair, you can wash it everyday if your hair is super oily. Keeping your scalp clean is essential. Your hair should have some kind of sheen. You will usually get this from a moisturizing cream or lotion. Remember, if your hair is long, you must also moisturize the ends.