For fall 2015, the look is back to basics that line up the importance of black and white. It’s almost like a uniform, far away from all the colors and playful clothes of a summer that’s past. At Donna Karan, it’s business as usual during her fall preview here in New York.

“Everything I do is matter of heart, body and soul,” said the designer of the international company that bears her name. “Designer,” for her, is an expression of who she is. Of course, there are complications and feelings in life. She credits her feminine instincts for her success in the brand she started with her late husband, Stephen Weiss.

Fall ’15 designs by Donna Karan

Karan is known for nurturing others, which, as a woman, allows her to fulfill needs and solve problems. As an artist, Karan strives for beauty, both sensually and visually, in her designs. While creating a collection, it is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxury, the practical with the desirable. She meets this challenge with the simplicity of a bodysuit. It’s where your fall look begins and ends with the artisan glamour of a limited edition, beautifully hand-painted Devore dress.

“Regardless of the form a design takes, it always begins and ends with the body,” said Karan. When designing, her focus is on the body’s sensual expression, sense of security and freedom of movement. Her clothes are a modern system of dressing. Karan’s concept is based on seven easy pieces, including a handful of interchangeable items that work together. You can create an entire wardrobe for dressing from day to evening, weekday to weekend and season to season.

“I’m designing for an international man and woman. A creative person who never knows where the day is going to take them,” said Karan.“ It’s the reason ‘New York’ is a label. This city sets the fashion pace, the attitude.”

Speaking in a multicultural language of fashion, Karan is inspired by the life and innate style of the artist. In her fall collection, she showcases functional pieces in black cashmere, leather, stretch and molded fabrics that are often developed by the designer. Black and white outfits look smart. A white trench coat with a belt will take any fall day by storm in style. There are also silhouettes that wrap and sculpt the body.

For Karan, it’s never been just about clothes. Fashion is about lifestyles. She looks at the entire picture from head toe, from function to aesthetics. Accessories such as handbags and shoes are designed along with the clothes. Designing a look also includes showing the right hosiery, shoes and eyeglasses.