CAYMAN ISLANDS (July 23)—For many married couples, a wedding anniversary is an opportunity to enjoy a special luxury or a romantic getaway to a destination far away from the realities of everyday life. Not so for Janice and Kelly Renegar, who marked their 30th anniversary by choosing to have surgery at Health City Cayman Islands, a world-class tertiary care facility in the Caribbean.

Instead of pearls, the traditional gift for commemorating three decades of wedded bliss, the North Carolina-based pair decided to give themselves something more practical and much more personal—the medical attention they needed to be rid of shoulder and hip aches and pains.

Before their surgeries, the Renegars’ infirmities limited their vacation options. “Basically we couldn’t go anywhere for our anniversary because we were needing procedures done. And we decided to make this our 30th year anniversary trip,” said Janice Renegar.

The solution to her broken collarbone was arthroscopic shoulder surgery, performed by Dr. Alwin Almeida, chief orthopaedic surgeon and joint replacement specialist at Health City.

Meanwhile, Kelly Renegar underwent hip replacement surgery. Recalling the pain he endured from a broken leg before being admitted to Health City, he noted, “I had pain all up and down my leg and I didn’t know why. When I arrived here, they checked me out and everything and realized I needed a hip replacement. [Almeida] took his time with me, made sure I was in perfect health.”

The life-altering trip to the Cayman Islands was made possible by Kelly Renegar’s company and its medical travel program administrator, IndUShealth, which offers employees an opportunity to receive high-quality medical care and to get a break as part of the recovery experience.

“Rising health care costs in the U.S. continue to motivate employer health plans to incorporate medical travel options. Our experienced team helps simplify the process and extend the choices available to participants using a systematic and individually tailored patient-centric approach, coupling memorable, life-changing experiences with exceptional medical outcomes,” said Rajesh Rao, CEO of IndUShealth. “We are very pleased to be able to leverage the talent and discipline of the team at Health City Cayman Islands in this endeavor.”

Unreserved in her praise of how the Health City experience has made their 30th wedding anniversary one the couple will never forget, Janice Renegar is looking forward to some of the simple pleasures of life, such as throwing a baseball with her son. “I cannot tell you how fortunate we are, and we know it’s all due to the glory and the graciousness of God above for giving us this opportunity and these blessings to be able to come down here and enjoy the beauty. I mean, how can you not get well when you look around and see the beauty and then the smiling faces of the staff who are concerned and who all love you?”