Do we need a separate Fashion Week for men? Yes, menswear is a separate business, and it is big business, too!

Showing last week were designers such as Robert Geller, Italio Ziccelli, Kanye West, David Neville, Ariel Ovadia, Shimon Ovadia, Micheal Bastian and Edwing D’Angelo. The shows were all over New York City.

“We wanted to do this for a long time,” said CFDA President Diane von Furstenberg.

“Today, it’s the men who are ready for their close-up, and New York Fashion Week Men’s will only strengthen New York City’s role as the fashion capital of the world,” said Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen.

Designer Edwing D’Angelo recently showed his spring-summer 2016 men’s collection at Punto Space, located at 32 W. 38th St. The theme of the collection is “Liberte, Egalite, Modernite.” His collection was inspired by rock and roll and the ideology of authentic generational identity. His designs were also influenced by the French ideals of liberty and social and political equality. His collection explores how government and men have always looked to music as a grand equalizer that brings everyone together.

D’Angelo’s show was exciting. “I believe fashion is the common denominator which crosses the socio-economical divide and allows the masses to dress up as aristocrats and vice versa, resulting in a multidimensional consumer,” said D’Angelo. “Like a rock concert, everyone is there to express their individuality while still in a union that transcends social class or status. It’s the unspoken fraternity that I call ‘Modernity.’”

Born in Colombia, this New York designer’s clothes were featured on network TV programs such as “Good Morning America” and “CBS Morning News.” His show was also part of Uptown Fashion Week that has attracted fashion designers from all over the world. You can reach them by visiting

Today’s men exercise the freedom to express their identity within fashion trends. Rock music drives them to declare themselves modern and proud. In fashion, men are tearing down style barriers that have been in place for centuries. For a long time, the thinking has been that men couldn’t wear certain colors, patterns and styles because to do so would undermine their masculinity. Men are ready to be rock stars on their own terms and enjoy the same fashion freedoms as women.

These shows bring back memories of the Men’s Fashion Association’s press previews, held at the Rye Hilton Hotel years ago. It is nice to see men’s fashion back at the fashion forefront again.