President Barack Obama’s signing into law same-sex marriage last month has not swayed a certain segment of the population, who were unaware that his 2007 campaign pledge to bring about change also included legalizing gay marriage in the land of the free. Some local Black activists still stand firm, advocating Black unity, and claim they have been under attack for doing so.

“The purpose of the Straight Black Pride Movement is to create a platform for international Black (Afrikan) unity that is broad enough to attract the masses of sane Black people who desire to produce healthy Black families and communities,” states a Straight Black Pride Movement press release.

The SBPM is an international organization that claims to promote the growth and development of Black families while focusing on building healthy Black relationships between men and women to produce productive marriages, fruitful families, strong communities and ultimately Black nationhood.

While promoting traditional African customs and principles, organizers have been charged by the LGBTQ community with being biased against them and even of being homophobic.

“The LGBTQ community has aggressively attacked our platform for building strong, healthy, intact Black heterosexual families,” says the press release. “We stand in firm opposition to any movement which seeks to force sexually backwards views on our people, particularly our children.”

The SBPM has scheduled their first International Convention for the weekend of Aug. 22 in New York City. A Black family day event in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park will be held that Saturday, and Sunday, Harlem’s National Black Theater hosts the first International Convention.

“The LGBTQ community is aggressively putting pressure on the National Black Theatre to cancel our event,” said the press release. “It is our understanding that the LGBTQ community is threatening to remove all of its support from the theater unless they cancel the first SBPM International Convention. The pressure from the LGBTQ community has been so aggressive that the National Black Theatre has acquiesced and notified us of their intent to cancel our Black family event.”

The press release also mentioned how the “Black Wives Matter” campaign had previously come under attack, and they “also launched a national campaign to slander our movement and prevent us from being able to meet in public facilities.”

“Someone even stated that whoever created the SBPM platform should be ‘burned alive.’ Apparently, the LGBTQ community believes that heterosexual Black people who believe in Black marriage and traditional Black family structures do not have the right to celebrate our culture in public,” said the press release. “If the LGBTQ community is given the power by Black-owned institutions to decide which groups can and cannot use its facilities, then Black communities throughout America and across the world will literally find ourselves facing an international LGBTQ McCarthyism (Pink Scare) where any group who doesn’t openly endorse the homosexual agenda is unfairly labeled a hate group. We have the responsibility of creating safe, comfortable, productive space for Black children to be reared and groomed to become the most productive citizens that we can possibly make them. In our estimation, we can only do this within the context of healthy Black family culture—and that means Black man, woman and child.

“We are asking everyone from the Black world community who believes in protecting and preserving Black culture and who believes in the sacredness of the relationship between the Black man and woman to contact the National Black Theatre and discourage them from acquiescing to the pressure from the LGBTQ community.”