Tom Coughlin (152310)

A seeming rite of the summer for those who follow and are affiliated with the New York Giants is speculating on the job security of head coach Tom Coughlin. Despite Coughlin’s sterling Hall of Fame credentials, which includes leading the Giants to two Super Bowl wins, it’s all about “What have you done for me lately?”

Assessing him solely on wins and losses, the simple answer is, “Not much at all.” Coughlin and the Giants are 22-26 over the past three seasons, with no playoff appearances during that period. They were 6-10 last season, with demonstrative deficiencies at multiple positions.

Yet Coughlin should not bear all of the culpability. From top to bottom, the organization has failed to acquire and develop the depth of talent capable of competing for a title. Moreover, many of the players have fallen short of becoming consistently productive in the face of extensive opportunities.

So when the Giants officially open training camp next Friday, July 31 at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center in East Rutherford, N.J., it will be the beginning of a journey that must produce a postseason berth or substantial changes will be in order—starting with Coughlin moving on.

The one constant throughout Coughlin’s 11-year tenure as head coach of the Giants has been Eli Manning. They both came to the Giants in 2004 and have had two massive celebrations down the Canyon of Heroes after their Super Bowl wins in 2008 and 2012, but those priceless moments seem like an eternity ago.

Currently, both Manning and Coughlin will report to training camp absent a long-term deal. Manning is in the final year of his contract and Coughlin has two more years remaining. Manning will soon sign a lucrative extension, and baring serious injury, he’ll be the Giants’ starter for at least another three years. Conversely, this season will determine the fate of Coughlin.