NYPD officers were caught on video beating a Black man inside a Brooklyn Target (153050)
Credit: YouTube

A video that’s going viral of NYPD officers beating a Black man at a Brooklyn Target is raising questions and outrage.

The video posted to YouTube on Sunday shows NYPD officers pinning the unidentified man down and punching him in front of shoppers at a Target store in Flatbush. The NYPD is reportedly reviewing the video.

The 14-minute video shows one officer placing his knee on the man’s head. Shoppers in the store can be seen using their cell phones to film the incident and telling the officers to stop. One women is shown trying to intervene. Up to 20 officers showed up to the chaotic scene.

Michael Rolland has been identified as the man who shot the video, which had over 100,000 views on YouTube as of Tuesday.

According to a joint press release put out by Brooklyn City Council Member Jumaane Williams and Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte, the man arrested was at the Flatbush Junction Target a day earlier and allegedly had several exchanges with employees that led to at least one feeling unsafe. The man reportedly came back the following day and Target employees eventually called for NYPD assistance.

Even with the explanation, Williams and Bichotte said there are several questions including whether are not the man was mentally or emotionally disturbed and if the use of force reasonable.

“It is without question painful to see video of another unarmed black person undergo what appears to be excessive, forceful detainment by police,” Williams and Bichotte said. “At the same time, and in this charged atmosphere, we must take caution not to unnecessarily inflame while addressing very real and valid concerns on police-community relations. As elected officials of this area, we believe we must do both.”

Williams and Bichotte are planning to send a letter to the NYPD and Target about the incident.