E. coli (153552)
Credit: Pixabay

E. coli: A motile, rod-like bacteria found in the intestines (gut) in man and many animals that, under certain conditions, can cause infection of the urinary and gastrointestinal tract requiring medical care.

It’s amazing that today there are numerous glamour and health magazines that feature stories on how you can keep your feet beautiful and healthy. Podiatrists (foot doctors) are doing a brisk business in caring for those overworked feet of ours. And with the shoe styles that women are wearing, the feet are really taking a beating. Ballet lessons for youngsters are also surely affecting the bones in young feet that are developing.

Today, I am concerned about how your feet are becoming exposed to germs when you shower. When showering, be aware that the bacteria that is released from your backside will contaminate the water you are standing in. Before going on, I would like to educate you with a poetic verse concerning this condition that we find ourselves in.

“E. Coli On Your Feet”

When you are showering

Washing up and down

Scrubbing in spaces

Hidden by unwanted pounds

You may not realize

That you release

Millions of bacteria

That contaminate your feet

It is suggested that we pay more attention to the wash water on the floor of the shower. Just as it is suggested that you wash hands thoroughly after a bowel movement to kill E. coli, it is very important to eliminate this germ by bleaching the shower floor before and after showering.

Often, we are unaware of skin conditions that are related to infected feet that are the carriers of germs. I recall years ago when going to a swimming pool that it was necessary to walk through a chlorine bath before entering the pool. Bathtubs are notorious germ collectors no matter how clean they may look. When taking a bath, you must remember that the bathwater is also loaded with E. coli if the tub has not been properly cleaned with a bleach solution.

Many women who are exposed to contaminated bath water develop bacterial vaginitis, causing unwanted discharge. Bladder infections are also associated with E. coli, leading to serious kidney conditions.

I remind you again of that famous saying, “Don’t rush with the flush,” when moving your bowels while sitting. It is important to get up and close the toilet lid before flushing. This will ensure that bacteria will not contaminate you and the surrounding bathroom fixtures.