Men's fashion by Matiere (153557)

For the new season, menswear designer Matiere embraces the concept of duality through the use of unexpected materials on modern silhouettes. Their collection is both familiar and conceptual. The textured fabrics and technical details harmonize well together in the collection, forming a contemporary line of comfort and function.

The company’s name, Matiere, was derived from the French word meaning “material” or “subject matter.”

The brand’s global sourcing of innovative fabrics drives its contemporary designs. Along with their unexpected fabrics, Matiere is known for the seamless integration of form, function and comfort. The look is sleek, clean-cut and modern.

The brand’s fabric choices are sophisticated. They feature sleek surfaces and touch-me quality textiles that reflect the idea of textured modernism. For an updated, active influence, there are clean, technical nylons infused with patterns and dimensions that join with cotton jersey and pique. A luxury lounge grouping consists of dense cotton slub, brushed cashmere and 3-D striped French terry.

“We handpick all the fabrication to ensure that the quality and inspiration is there,” said Scot Shandalove, Matiere’s founder. “This collection features some heavy textures that maintain an effortless and clean finish. The color palette, which starts off with a creamy off-white and builds to a true indigo, is reminiscent of the ocean’s beauty.”

Colors like off-white, dusted grey and city black ground the collection with hues of bleached and true indigo, forming almost a capsule within. Their true indigo is drained of its color to leave only the faintest remains. There are stunning modal tees and woven chambray shirts.

Outerwear was also a significant focus, with reworked bomber jackets and anoraks that provide seasonal layering options. Additional silhouettes include baseball shirts, gusseted pants and a continuation of the brand’s loved Henley tank top.

“Finding a balance is key,“ said Jake Zeitlin, creative director. “We’re creating a collection that is fashion-forward yet always approachable and wearable.”

Spring-summer 2016 is all about the details for men. Laser pockets and collarless necklines on shirts speak volumes in this modern collection. Find slit hems and hi-lo silhouettes that reflect the company’s streetwise spirit. Matiere spring-summer looks offer an inviting dichotomy that will innovate and excite today’s man.