I have made it my mission for the summer of 2015 to get away every weekend I possibly can. I have been quite successful so far in my efforts, and thank goodness, too, or I wouldn’t have made an interesting food find in New Rochelle.

It all started innocently enough with a long overdue weekend catch-up with my good friend and sister-from-another-mister Marjorie, her husband, Sam, and gorgeous twin boys, Elias and Emmanuel. There would be cooking, eating, tennis watching, trampoline jumping, party going and general revelry that would ensue between laughing and deep conversation.

While Marj took care of one of her errands in downtown New Ro, I meandered the streets to check out the scene and find a bite to eat. I found an arsenal of restaurants featuring many types of South American foods.

My hunger was growing. I just didn’t know what it was for until I took a fortuitous turn down Anderson Street and found Roc-N-Ramen (@RocNRamen914, 19 Anderson St., New Rochelle, 914-365-1166, www.rocnramen914.com). There behind the stanchions and red carpet awaited a convivial ramen shop run by a local and his band of merry noodle slingers. I was intrigued.

I walked in to Wu-Tang blaring on the sound system and great smells dancing in the air. It’s summer so ramen right now doesn’t appeal to me, but leave it to owner Wayne Carrington to rope me right in to talk and ultimately taste his food. A former police detective and executive for Five Guys, Carrington was inspired to open his own food place and decided ramen would be his vehicle to communicate his love of people.

Guests to my left and right were getting a face bath over bowls of ramen and other dishes while Carrington put the finishing touches prepping short ribs for the night’s special ramen. Finally, a taste of mac and cheese ramen noodles arrived in front of me. It is from the kids menu, but after seeing two 6-foot men order it for themselves, I knew I needed to try it. It hit all of the mac-n-cheese notes!

I will return to Roc-N-Ramen for a proper bowl of ramen with their umami tonkotsu broth or some donburi rice dishes and one or more of their appetizers. Mostly, I will return to be a part of the spirit of Roc-N-Ramen and to ring that bell again to show my appreciation to the staff for a good time!

Many thank yous to Marj and family and Roc-N-Ramen and family .

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Happy eating and thanks for reading!

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