In the aftermath of a violent weekend in New York City where three people were killed and at least 22 others were injured due to shootings, there has been a call to end the senseless acts. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and other community activists came together to kick off a campaign aimed to bring awareness to the ongoing issues about violence and youth in the city.

In total there were 10 shootings over the weekend around the city. One of the most violence incidents took place in Brooklyn at house party where 10 people were shot injuring nine. The victims range in age from 19 to 38.

Adam’s campaign is a week-long series of events focusing on countering gun violence that is plaguing neighborhoods around New York City. The open casket awareness event outside of the Brooklyn Borough Hall on Monday served, as only the first of several rally’s to help against the issue currently at hand.

Many activists who spoke up during the rally urged that Mayor Bill de Blasio and others around the city to put more time and effort into building more activities and recreation for kids and teenagers so the probabilities of them turning to gangs and violence can decrease.

With the issue resolving around gun violence and the youth, the AmNews asked Adams how can young adults who are still in school become more active and help make a difference within their respective communities.

“Do not try and solve the problems by yourself,” Adams said. “Sit down with people who want to help and show the youth how to fill out college applications so they can go to school. Solving the issue won’t happen overnight, you must take one step at a time. Just pick an issue that is dear to you and people will come around and want to be apart of it.”

During the press conference, a woman began expressing her sadness and anger of her living circumstances. When a police officer stepped in to try and help the her, she screamed and refused the help.

“My son has autism and my son gets bitten by rats and bed bugs,” she said. The brief demonstration showed clearly how bad the current situations some people have to face.

Additional reporting by Cyril Josh Barker