The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce and Silicon Harlem hosted the Senior Citizens Conference on “Demystifying Technology” at the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building on Tuesday.

The day consisted of different events revolving around the theme of technology aimed directly for the senior citizens of Harlem and New York City. From the awards Luncheon with Harlem Congressman Charles Rangel to the Expo and Health Fair, and Farmer’s Market, today was a productive day, saluting the elders in Harlem.

Senior citizens were given a chance to learn, at the Demystifying Technology For Our Seniors event aimed at adults 55 years of age and older. The event gave senior citizens more knowledge and became more informed and educated on the field of technology.

“How the seniors involve themselves in technology is very important,” Marc Nobles from The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce said. “How they get connected with family members such as children and grandchildren living in a different state. We don’t want them to be isolated. We also want to show them how to get prescription for drugs or even get a doctor. These are key issues we want to help the seniors with.”

The “Elder’s Jubilee” Senior Citizens Awards Luncheon also took place. Henrietta Lyle, chair of Community Board 10 received the “Vivian Robinson Award.” Samuel McGee, CEO, Harlem Goju Association, was honored with the “Joseph Roberts Award.” Rep. Charles Rangel also presented scholarships in the names of the late Vivian E. Jones and Dorothy Payne Moorehead. There was a salute to 110-year-old Alelia Murphy and 103-year-old John Mapson.

The NYC seniors Expo and Health Fair held screenings, raffles, and entertainment on the 2nd Floor Art Gallery. The farmers market helped gain attention to the events occurring inside of the State Office building.

The Harlem is now celebrating its 41st year of Harlem week. The month long celebration contains over 100 events from July 26th through August 22nd. Harlem Week has eclipsed over 2 million attendees from New York City and the entire globe. The neighborhood of Harlem has always held a uniqueness that people around the world gravitate towards. Harlem Week promotes that uniqueness and the history of the area.