So, I am 17. I don’t know much about house music, but I want to see parents and grandparents going nuts at the Soul Summit Music Festival in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn on Sunday afternoons, 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., during the summer.

The next one is Sunday, Aug. 9. My elders are like teens when those house beats drop. It is free and open to any and everyone, and believe me, they come in hundreds, if not thousands. You see all kinds of people, in all kinds of clothes. There are a ton of artists: DJs, dancers, designers, fashion designers, filmmakers and photographers. As their website says, “Over the past 13 years, Soul Summit Music has become an institution developing a loyal following that brings the hills of Fort Greene Park alive with families, food and dancing. The festival provides the backdrop for access to music, networking and other activities. In just 13 years, the Soul Summit Music Festival has become one of the most anticipated outdoor events in New York City, successfully creating a hub of activity in the immediate community and beyond, attracting visitors from all over the tristate area.”

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