Loseville, USA! That’s exactly where the robotic bunch of GOP presidential hopefuls is heading—and fast.

After last Thursday night’s debate, it is clear that the cast of unamusing circus clowns, aka the Republican primary contenders, are set to increase the population of Loseville. In case you don’t know where that is or you’ve never heard of this destination, let me fill you in. It’s the place where losers out of touch with reality live. The place where you go to lick your wounds and wish you had stopped to understand you lost before you even began.

Let me confess, I fell asleep halfway through the puppet show. It was simply too monotonous. But of course, not before all had tried to outdo each other in showing just how tough they will be on illegal immigration and immigrants.

Let’s just sum it up. Suddenly, many in the lot went from robots to tough-talking sheriffs at the mere pronouncement of the term “illegals” by bland-faced co-moderator Chris Wallace.

Nice going, Chris. Throw some “illegals” in the mix to bring the party to life.

No surprise, everyone is opposed to illegal immigration and few bothered to criticize “the Donald” for his comment that the Mexican government is smart and sending their worst criminals to the U.S., because the government here is so dumb.

And yes, we’ve heard it a thousand times. The solution is to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S. with a “door” to let in the “legal, good immigrants.” Except—as Sen. Marco Rubio had enough sense to point out, the “illegals” are not coming from Mexico—but from Central America and nations such as Guatemala. No word either on how to avoid more El Chapos who can build a tunnel under the walls or where the billions to construct the walls and buy out tribal and private lands near the border will come from.

At least we should give credit to Jet Bush, Florida’s former governor, who stood by his previous comment that immigration, including illegal immigration, is “an act of love,” saying rightly that people come to the United States to provide for their families. He then quickly outlined his plan to stem the illegal flow, ending with a path to “earned legal status” for those already in the country, unlike Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Walker now has turned into the 2015 flip-flopper. Now Walker is explaining that he walked back his support for a path to citizenship “because I listened to the American people.” Not sure how that will fly with the base of “crazies” they’re playing to, but we shall see.

One thing that has become crystal clear is that the GOP will lose in 2016, and lose big, despite the several more moronic puppet shows we still have to endure before November 2016. Their anti-immigration stance and hard-line tough talk of “no to amnesty,” “border wall” and “illegals” is completely alienating immigrant voters. And to win in 2016 on any national front, they must secure immigrant and Black votes. So far, all they’ve done is sent both blocs running for cover.

GOP, spare yourselves the humiliation. Get real and get in touch with the real issues and all of America, as Loseville, USA is looming fast!

The writer is CMO of Hard Beat Communications, which owns the brands News Americas Now, CaribPR Wire and Invest Caribbean Now.