Fall 2015 designs by OUDIFU (156158)

In his initial entry into the U.S. market last season at Lincoln Center, OUDIFU’s founder and creative designer, Zhuliang Li, made quite an impression, especially when he came out for his bow with his baby in his arms. A Shanghai-based affordable brand, this ready-to-wear woman’s apparel line is picture perfect, functional and fashionable. The clothes are colorful, shapely and art-inspired.

In classical China’s 2,300-year core, there is a philosophy that man is an integral part of nature. Li’s collection is so strongly influenced by this belief that he adapted it into his fashion. His major pieces are designed as a unique all-in-one style for all body types—a market that hasn’t had much fashion attention in this venue. In subtle sophisticated detail, he works on shapes with distinction in silhouette.

Li places a style emphasis on the relaxed, spontaneous, pleasant awareness of the body. When you put on OUDIFU’s clothes, you will feel classic and chic. The clothes and fabrics are naturally soft yet sophisticated. Prints are outstanding, noticeable, totally wearable and new. Jackets swing in back. Tops offer abstract face prints in bold shapes and colors. Some of the shoes designed with the collection are shown with printed uppers. There are several all-black ensembles, knit dresses and straight pant looks. However, the wide center shapes of most of the dresses are easy-to-fit in most sizes.

Li started his fashion interest at the age of 11. His parents sent him to a tailor to learn the fundamentals of design. He never went to a fashion school. This self-taught, self-starting designer began his passage to a successful fashion career through detailing styles for various individuals. Having face-to-face communications with his customers, he can create just what they want. In his design world, size doesn’t matter. It is all about your shape, the length, the fabric and your style. He offers a deep sense of consciousness from different female body types and their shapes and needs.

Li has received numerous awards. He is also recognized for his humanitarian endeavors, such as during the Great Sichuan Earthquake in 2008. Good Show!